September 4, 2020 – FINE GOLD

More to be desired are they than gold, yea, than much fine gold: sweeter also than honey and the honeycomb. (Ps 19:10)

This morning I had my devotions at Bethany’s gravesite with my grandson’s Opie and Oscar. We read the above verse. What is it referring to, that is more to be desired than gold? It is the law of the Lord, and His testimonies, commandments, statutes, judgments and the fear of the Lord. That is a fascinating word study in itself; to find the specific meanings of each of those things that are “more to be desired than gold, yea, and much fine gold.” But I’ll let you do that on your own, or better yet, have your children find the difference between commandments, statutes, judgments and the fear of the Lord, and then tell you what they found. Then you can tell me what you discovered and we’ll compare notes. 聽If you do this, I think you’ll also discover the difference between “gold and much fine gold”.

The Hebrew word for gold is “zakak“, and it refers to the refining process necessary to make gold that is used as a monetary standard. But there is another step used in the refining process if one is going to make “fine gold”. This gold is is the Hebrew word “pazaz” and is used to make beautiful ornaments and jewelry. “Fine gold” is a purer and softer gold that was used in the making of the bowls and candlesticks for the Temple. It was beaten into very thin, thin sheets to cover the Ark of the Covenant, the Mercy seat and the instruments used in the sacrifices. Then it was polished so that it would shine brightly and beautifully!

What this verse is saying is that the laws, commandments, statutes, judgments, testimonies and the fear of the Lord are more to be desired and more beautiful than even the valuable, polished fine gold used in the Temple. And when you discover insights in God’s Word and the rhema of God speaking directly to you, it is better than “pazaz“. Actually it has a “pizazz” factor!聽

When the light goes on in your heart while studying God’s Word and your ears are open to hear God speaking to you, it is exciting and you can say, “Pizazz!” Actually, next time in church, when the preacher is preaching really good, instead of saying, “Amen!”, shout out, “Pizazz!” instead, and see if that doesn’t get things going! 馃檪

So Opie, Oscar and I rode home after devotions practicing shouting out “Pizazz!” for next Sunday’s sermon. Should be interesting.

In Christ,

– Bob